Communications in the home demand the highest level of respect for privacy.
Eliminate the possibility of 3rd parties infringing on your security with Lockfone
and provide your family the ultimate peace of mind in communications.

Business Testimonials

Government and Military

Don’t put your country at risk

The cyber risks for nations in a digital world range from data breaches to infrastructure vulnerabilities are increasing in frequency and scale. In an era of cyber theft and terrorism, nations can mitigate the risk and consequences of critical data loss or interception by adopting the secure Lockfone communications platform

Journalists / Free Press

Unlock the shackles from your words

Free Press provides a check and balance on corruption, bribery, and illicit practices within cities, states, and nations. Lockfone secure mobile platform offers journalist an opportunity to freely and comfortably transmit information they uncover without risking third party intervention to their efforts.

Traveling Businessman

Privately conduct your business from anywhere

Eliminate the risks of security breaches and data theft that exist due to the rise of BYOD (bring your own device) and mobile hotspots.

Professionals: Traders, Bankers, Lawyers, Doctors

Client confidentiality is the bedrock of professional institutions.

Offer your clients absolute protection in their communications with you and the information shared via mobile devices. Lockfone platform provides state of the art security for any document or conversation that contains such data against third parties.

C-Level Executives

Fulfill your duty as a C-level executive to guard privileged information

Eliminate the risk of cyber attacks on sensitive information and data that you share via mobile devices. Protect sensitive communications with shareholders, partners and your employees both inside and outside of the Corporate place of business with a secure mobile platform.


Whisper your ideas around the globe with Lockfone

Innovation is the heart of today’s economy. Ensure your ideas can flourish on their merits and are protected with those you choose to communicate.

Pioneers! O Pioneers!

Break Free

From profiling

Exclusivity through Anonymity

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