Legal and Compliance

We cannot disclose what we do not know therefore our users get to remain anonymous.


It is Lockfone’s mission to protect your privacy. Knowledge & experience is what lies in the foundation of this protection

Ignorance is Bliss

What we know about our customers are:
* Email address.
* Phone number
Nothing more…

Keys to the Kingdom

Only users have the keys to decrypt data coming directly from other users. This means, even if we wanted to, we cannot listen, intercept, record or distribute your communication data or history.


Lockfone is a copyrighted product from A2 Tech. Inc. A2 Tech. Inc. is a US company and in compliance with the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement ACT, CALEA gives its customers encrypted communication products without having the ability to decrypt it.
Privacy Policy & Legal Terms

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Privacy Policy & Legal Terms

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