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Lockfone is available for iPhone and Android devices. As such you can conveniently download and install the Lockfone application from Apple App Store or Google Play for free.

Lockfone is a peer to peer secure communication platform that allows you to talk, text, share pictures, video or conference call with total confidence in anonymity. 

With its convenient user interface, Lockfone subscribers can communicate with each other over any EDGE, 3G, 4G, 4G-LTE or Wi-Fi network from anywhere in the world. 

All encryption keys are negotiated directly between subscribers in real-time during a call or a text and these sessions keys are destroyed as they are created. This architecture is the foundation that gives Lockfone subscribers the confidence in their anonymity. Even if we wanted to, we would not be able to decrypt any means of communication between two Lockfone subscribers

Once downloaded, the application will install itself automatically.

You will need to enter your phone number and activation code in order to gain access to your Lockfone or Lockfone pro account. Activation keys or trial keys can be obtained from Lockfone’s website, under the homepage or Buy Lockfone sections.

First time users can register to obtain their 15 day trial keys. Otherwise activation keys can be acquired upon completed the subscription process for either Lockfone or Lockfone Pro accounts.


Lockfone’s peer to peer architecture combined with the fact that all keys are negotiated by end users directly between each other without relying on Lockfone servers is driver behind Lockfone’s state of art security platform.

Many commercial communication applications claims to offer their users encryption or privacy but unfortunately due relying on an architecture that relays the communications through the providers servers rather than directly between the users, it poses very significant threat to the confidentiality of their users.

There are status lights on top left on the screen.

Green=Connected to Lockfone


Black=No internet on device


Orange=Trying to connect


Red=Cannot connect


You can transfer your party to any lockfone user, by pressing options/transfer button, during a call.

Press options button


Than press transfer button


You can also add another call to your current call by pressing


Once you activate your Lockfone, you can make a secure call in three different ways:

You can use the dial-pad feature in the Lockfone application to enter the Lockfone number of the subscriber that you would like to call securely and hit the dial button. (the blue phone icon on the bottom of the dialer)

You d’ont have to dial the country code if the number to call is in the same country as yours. (ie. your number is: +1(212) 555-1212 and you are trying to call +1(601)555-9812, you just have to dial 6015559812. Country code must be used for international calls only.


You can use the Contacts feature to pick a contact from your address book. If the contact you chose is a Lockfone subscriber and is using the same number as their regular cellphone number, Lockfone will initiate a secure call with the subscriber once you hit their number.



Alternatively you can create your Lockfone Contact book. To do so, you will need to edit the contact from either Lockfone or your regular Contact Book. While editing, if you enter their Lockfone number in the Lockfone field, the application will add this contact to the Lockfone Contact Book. The Lockfone contact book is the third tab on the right within the Lockfone’s Contacts Feature.


The reason for not receiving calls or messages is that your device push notificitions are turned OFF for Lockfone app.

You must turn all norifications ON for Lockfone app.

Goto Settings/Notifications/Lockfone and select Allow Notifications


Some oprators take over internet connection when receiving regular GSM call. Meaning there is no internet connection when you are on GSM call. If you are in one of those operators your Lockfone call will hold until you are done with regular GSM call. (Your party will hear standby tone)

Once you activate your Lockfone, there are 2 different ways in which you can send a secure text message:

1) You can use the Message tabchat_defaultin the bottom of the Lockfone application to access your messages.
From this tab, 
you can hit the “compose new message”chat_add_defaultbutton on the right top to pick a contact to send a secure message. Once the contact is selected (either through the “Lockfone” Contacts tab on the top right, or any contact whose Lockfone number is the same as the number they are stored as from the “All” Contacts tab , you can type your message and hit send just like a regular text message.

2) You can use the Message tab in the bottom of the Lockfone application to access your messages.  From this tab you can use the field which starts with “To:” to enter the Lockfone number of the recipient you would like to send a message to.  Once the number is entered, hit the “compose new message” button and you can type in your message and hit send to enjoy your secure text messages feature.

Once a secure call is initiated, you can simply turn on and off your video by hitting the “Video” button. video_on_default

While you are in video call you can switch front/rear camera just by tapping the screen than press switch_camera_default

You have to be a Lockfone Pro subscriber in order to use the secure conference call feature. 

After a secure call is initiated,  press options button    options_default    and select “Add Call”.   add_call_over

To make conference call,  you can  either use the contacts or the dial-pad feature of the application. 

Once you have the two party on the line you must press conference button.  conference_default


If you are having trouble connecting to Lockfone, (status light red) please follow the steps below

- Press settings_default  info button

- Press     reset_button    reset account button

- Accept the dialog

- Enter your phone number and activation code.


Lockfone only works between subscribers. Because all data is encrypted, both parties needs the application to be able to decrypt the incoming encrypted data packets as well as being able to encrypt their outgoing data packets. 

Lockfone is designed to eliminate the servers carrying any communication data, therefore if one party does not have Lockfone, it is not possible to have a truly peer to peer architecture for secure communication. Therefore Lockfone does not support a feature with such vulnerabilities.

Lockfone Lockfone Pro
Call Call
Text Message Text Message
Transfer Pictures
Video Call
Conference Call

Lockfone only works with standard devices (phones) which are not jailbroken or rooted.

We do not support jailbreak or any hacked phone.

We can not GUARANTEE privacy of your communication on  jailbroken or rooted phones.