Lockfone, the key to secure and private mobile communication

Lockfone provides secure anonymous confidential communications between subscribers. We challenge the integrity of our system by offering the public a reward to intercept and decrypt the Lockfone state of the art security platform. To date, no hacker or third party security provider has successfully challenged our system.


A simple user interfaces makes private peer-to-peer conversations easier than ever. Lockfone delivers a future in which concerns regarding third-party eavesdropping is a thing of the past.


Conduct your business with total confidence in the privacy of your mobile conversations. Lockfone brings parties together at the touch of a button.


Eliminate the distance between you and your loved ones from anywhere in the world without compromising from your privacy


Encrypted peer-to-peer text messaging eliminates concerns over the privacy of your written communications.


Military grade security platform ensures that your moments and ideas are only shared with individual subscribers that you choose.


Once you become Lockfone subscriber, you can make private calls to other Lockfone users, no matter where you are in the world.

Military Grade Security that is now available for everyone

Leaves no footprint

Lockfone’s true peer-to-peer architecture eliminates servers from the equation and gives all encryption keys to the users. Lockfone leaves no trace of your private communications.

Impossible to crack

Multi-layer encryption using static and dynamic keys is the foundation of the Lockfone secure communications platform. It is virtually impossible to decrypt even the smallest packet of information.

Unblockable Service

Advanced machine learning algorithms underlying Lockfone platform reduces the threat of blocking by third parties and outside agencies.

State of the art Compression

The bedrock of the Lockfone secure communications platform is the industry leading proprietary data compression models.

Leave the charger home

Lockfone’s platform is a minimal burden on device battery consumption. Ensuring privacy and security is meaningless when your phone is constantly on low battery!

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$75/ year
  • Unlimited Talk
  • Unlimited Text

Lockfone Pro

$100/ year
  • Unlimited Talk
  • Unlimited Text
  • Conference Calls
  • Video Chat
  • Picture/File Exchange



Current users can choose from the following options regarding changes in their subscription

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Consumption metrics for the development of Lockfone.

Slices of pizza
Cups of coffee
Sleepless hours

Our Mission

Lockfone is a product of A2 Tech. Inc., a US based Corporation. The platform was developed by a technical team with outstanding achievements in the field of cryptography, compression and telecommunications. A2 Tech software engineers have been carrying out extensive R&D efforts all around the world to reach this state-of-the-art technology to ensure 100% secure mobile communication.

Our mission is to protect the freedom and privacy of communication.

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